As You Wish Events

Spending too much time planning your event? We can help!

Our Promise

As You Wish is an equal opportunity business making our expertise in coordinating, designing decor products to help clients enjoy every moment of their event.  We eliminate the stress that comes with detailed planning.  Event packages are customized to each client and tailored to their specific needs.  Through the services offered, As You Wish is considered a top resource for any event. We believe in going the extra mile to ensure every detail expressed by our clients thrive. Our cutting edge organizational methods guarantee a successful and flawless event. As You Wish leads the event planning market, providing the same quality results, EVERY TIME!

Our Philosophy

As You Wish is aimed at the big time.  To reach our goals, As You Wish fixates on the mission behind the vision.  It takes all of the coordinators ability to 'live the vision' while making your wish reality.  You’re event, as You wish in 3 steps:

- Listening to our clients wish and needs

-Produce a vision parallel to our clients wish

- Make our clients wish a reality

Planning an event can be an extremely daunting process. We'll help guide you with every detail. Together, we will make your 'wish' come true!

The As You Wish team takes pride in our exceptional organization and service.  We are dedicated in producing an event that is memorable, fun and stress-free for the host/hostess and guests. Our skills, experience and design background enables our team to execute any plan.  No request is too large or too small!  

Planning memories to last a lifetime

The Process

As You Wish is beyond excited that you have considered us to be part of your event.  Every client has a vision and we are here to conquer that vision with ease.  Here at As You Wish, will turn your wishes into memories that will last a lifetime.  We offer a variety of services.  Our mission is to go above and beyond to provide exquisite service.  During our initial meeting, we will establish the clients goals and objectives for the event.  Questions such as 'What is the main reason for hosting this event?' 'What do you envision for this event?' and most importantly, 'What is your budget for this event?'.  We will briefly outline your vision for this event and create a package suited specifically for your needs within your budget.  Our top priority is to make sure the client is comfortable.

Why you need a Wedding Planner!

Planning an entire wedding without the help, expertise, and money saving tips from a full scale wedding planner is stressful enough; so at the very least, hire a "Day Of" wedding coordinator - someone who is able to handle the intricate details and stresses of the actual wedding day so that you can relax and enjoy being the bride. Your peace of mind and enjoyment of the celebration will be worth every penny!  You want to shine on your special day and look radiant and relaxed, not scramble when a vendor runs late or have to hunt down a bridesmaid who goes missing seconds before the wedding march begins to play.  A lot of Brides say "I'll just have my Maid of Honor handle it or my bridesmaid, but there are so many things that can go wrong during or before a wedding that an untrained individual wouldn't know how to handle - for instance if your baker brings the wrong cake, your bridesmaid probably wouldn't even realize it, she's never even seen the cake before today or do you really want your Maid of Honor setting up your reception tables or your sweetheart and cake table when she's supposed to be getting her hair and make up done?

A Day of Coordinator takes the planning you've already done and executes it with ease and experience while you relax and play "Super Star" to your family and friends and enjoy being photographed looking pretty all day. Day of Coordinators will create a wedding day timeline, set-up your ceremony and reception, keep you on schedule, manage your vendors and bridal party, cue your services, and much much more! They become an invaluable necessity as they do the work of more than 5 or 6 different vendors on the big day: making sure your hair, make up and style is just right for the photos, making sure you haven't forgotten to eat or drink something during the hectic day, handling any mishaps that might occur with your venue, florist, baker, or other vendors, and of course making sure your ceremony and reception have everything needed to be perfect.

As You Wish Events offers a signature service in Day of Wedding Coordination. We can tailor a custom package for you based on your specific needs and budget, or offer our popular package that includes everything you would need us to handle on your day to ensure your wedding day runs flawlessly. Visit our Day of Coordination page to learn more about the package details or contact us today for your personal quote!